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About Us

About Dataware

Dataware is an award-winning tech firm that provides big data, analytics, and cloud computing services. We provide cutting edge technology solutions to solve everyday business problems.


In today’s global market, limited customer and operational insights prevents the innovative assessment of customers and risks which impacts business growth and sustainability.

Our contribution to this effort is to provide an end to end customizable and scalable range of solutions to enable you to get deeper insights on customer behaviour and business operations to inform decision making in real time.

Our Vision

“To be the leading provider of solutions that enable companies to rediscover innovations through data”.

Our Mission

“To assist organizations, gain deeper insights from data to enable strategic decision making on the go”.

Our Values

Our values will be the principles or standards of our behaviour. These will guide our judgement of what is important in the discharge of our duties as employees or representatives of Dataware.

RESPECT: We pledge to have due regard or show consideration for others

INNOVATION: We will continuously be creative in implementing new imaginations in the form of methods.

PASSION: Show extreme love for what we do and the value we bring to all stakeholders.

CONTINUOUS LEARNING: To facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and skills of all stakeholders.

SERVICE: To provide the best of customer experience.

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