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Quiver DeFi App

Quiver’s aim is to facilitate mainstream adoption of Cryptocurrency & Decentralized Finance. The App, which is available on IOS and Android, is a robust solution that enables users send, receive, save, spend & take cryptocurrency loans and is running on Amazon Web Services.

Dataware provided the technical resources to the project team to deploy the Quiver App using AWS Elastic Beanstalk, a fully managed platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS Beanstalk is a cloud service that allows developers to easily deploy and manage web applications, APIs, and services without the need for infrastructure management.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk offers developers a range of powerful tools for hosting scalable, secure, and resilient applications. Its features include automated scaling, load balancing, secure communication protocols, access controls, and data encryption. Additionally, it provides monitoring and logging tools to troubleshoot issues and ensure application resilience.

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Agrotrack Lending

AgroTrack is a platform that will collect alternative data of farmers such as mobile activities (including frequency of loading/buying airtime, duration of phone calls, and mobile money transactions), expense and revenue data via SMS, agronomic data, market data, remote-sensing data, behavioral economics, and demographic data to create detailed yield estimates and assess credit risk.

Dataware’s data science team will leverage the datasets to build, train and deploy a model that would serve as a proper bank risk mitigation tool, allowing credit providers to make informed lending decisions, which expand access to financing for smallholder farmers. With the credit profiles created, AgroTrack will also set out a crowd farming platform for smallholder farmers to attract funding for their projects through peer-to-peer lending. The Crowd farming service will enable the working-class in the cities and farming communities pool funds together, invest in rural farmers, and take a share of the profits at harvest time.

FBassey 1Dimension

Fitzgerald Bassey Consultancy, is a supply chain consultancy firm, incorporated in 2015, with the operational mandate to create more value for clients’ supply chains, enabling clients to focus on their core business operations. As a center of supply chain excellence with a distinguished team of resource experts, Fbassey provides business process outsourcing (BPO) facilities to small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) to further disseminate strategic supply chain practices into industry.

1Dimension is a comprehensive solution for managing the supply chain process from end to end. The solution boasts a database of 15000 suppliers from various categories, allowing for a wide range of options and flexibility in the procurement process. The platform offers a single point of contact for all procurement needs, simplifying the process and reducing the risk of errors or miscommunications.

Dataware built a data driven solution that leverages analytics to provide real-time tracking and monitoring of purchase requests and procurement spend, ensuring timely delivery and reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions.