Revolutionizing Consumer Finance with Data-Driven Solutions

Dataware Tech, a big data and analytics company, is proud to showcase a transformative project recently completed for a leading consumer finance company. Our client sought to enhance their data collection and analytics capabilities to better understand their customers’ repayment behaviors and, ultimately, to offer tailored financial solutions.

From Vision to Victory: Ghana’s Journey with real-time insights in Market Entry Expedition in Tanzania #InnovationInAction

The Ghana Trade Expo, a visionary initiative launched under the auspices of the National AfCFTA Coordinating Office (NCO), an agency under the Ministry of Trade alongside esteemed partners such as Ghana Export Promotion Authority, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, GIZ, UNDP and the World Bank.

Delivering Analytics for the Ghana Expo Trade Mission in Kenya – 2023

The project aimed to provide analytics and insights for the Ghana Expo: Kenya 2023, a trade mission organized by the National AfCFTA Coordinating Office (NCO) in collaboration with Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) and Ministry of Trade and Industry and in partnership with UNDP, GIZ and the World Bank. The scope of our work was […]

Agrotrack Lending

Agrotrack is a credit risk assessment tool that leverages Artificial Intelligence to serve as a risk mitigation tool for informed lending decision to the agricultural sector.

FBassey 1Dimension

The 1Dimension platform is a tool that enables the company to manage the procurement process end to end while analyzing data from procurement activities to generate insights on procurement spend.