Delivering Analytics for the Ghana Expo Trade Mission in Kenya – 2023

The project aimed to provide analytics and insights for the Ghana Expo: Kenya 2023, a trade mission organized by the National AfCFTA Coordinating Office (NCO) in collaboration with Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) and Ministry of Trade and Industry and in partnership with UNDP, GIZ and the World Bank.

The scope of our work was focused on event registration, participants feedback and B2B engagements. The team executed a streamlined registration process for visitors, officials, organizers, and exhibitors, conducted surveys to gather feedback, and collected data on business interactions. By employing robust methodologies, advanced tools, and generating a comprehensive dashboard, the team significantly contributed to the trade mission’s success.


The team adopted systematic methodologies to achieve project goals:

1. Registration Management: The team leveraged a web-based platform for efficient registration, ensuring accurate data collection and storage.

2. Visitor and Exhibitor Surveys: Surveys were conducted to capture pre- and post-expo experiences, collecting valuable feedback to evaluate satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement.

3. B2B Engagement Data Collection: The team implemented a mechanism to track and record sales and B2B engagements, providing insights into the nature and quality of business interactions.

Tools Utilized:

Tools were employed to streamline processes and analyze data:

1. Registration Platform: A web-based registration platform facilitated seamless registration, data validation, and reporting, integrating with other tools for analysis.

2. Survey Tools: Survey tools allowed for customizable forms data capture.

3. Data Analytics and Visualization: Data Analytics and Visualization are a crucial elements of the business decision-making process. It helps the stakeholders to recognize patterns in the data and devise profitable business strategies.



The project yielded significant outcomes for the trade mission’s success:

§ Efficient Registration Process: The streamlined registration system ensured a smooth and error-free process, improving the overall event experience.

§ Valuable Insights: Visitor and exhibitor surveys provided valuable insights into participant experiences, satisfaction levels, and improvement suggestions, enabling data-driven decisions and tailored offerings.

§ Enhanced B2B Engagements: Data on B2B interactions facilitated the identification of successful collaborations, partnership opportunities, and areas for improvement in fostering productive engagements.

§ Actionable Dashboard: A dynamic and visually appealing dashboard presented key metrics, trends, and insights, enabling the client to monitor progress, evaluate success, and identify areas for improvement.


By implementing robust methodologies, leveraging advanced tools, and delivering actionable outcomes, the project team successfully delivered analytics for a trade mission. The efficient registration process, valuable insights from surveys, enhanced B2B engagements, and the comprehensive dashboard played a crucial role in driving the success of the trade mission. This project exemplifies the value of analytics in optimizing events and fostering meaningful business interactions.