Tropical Cables Data Utilization

Transforming Sales Processes through Data Utilization for Tropical Cables


Tropical Cable and Conductor Limited (TCCL) is one of Ghana’s leading manufacturing companies, specializing in producing high-quality cables and conductors. With a strong commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, TCCL has been in business since 1997 and has accumulated numerous accomplishments throughout its years of business.  

TCCL has been diligently collecting diverse customer data to enhance their services. As they continuously pursue the goal of delivering high-quality and genuine service to their customers, they are actively exploring ways to optimize the collection and utilization of this data. 


TCCL was facing limitation of their current data analysis capabilities. This causes them to miss out on valuable insights and trends hidden within the data. Without proper analysis they may not fully understand customer preferences and areas for improvement. 


Our team collaborated with TCCL’s team to gain insights into their sales process and ERP implementation process. We conducted on-site visits and thoroughly examined the operations. As part of this phase, we offered consultation services, which involved compiling a comprehensive report based on our findings. The report not only highlighted our observations but also provided recommendations regarding essential data points to be collected at all customer touchpoints. Additionally, we supported TCCL in ensuring the implementation of these recommendations to enhance their data collection practices. 



Tropical Cable and Conductor Limited (TCCL) is a leading manufacturing company in Ghana, known for producing high-quality cables and conductors. They recognized the need to optimize their data collection and utilization to enhance customer service.  

By collaborating with external consultants, TCCL gained insights into their sales process and implemented recommendations for data collection. This enabled them to better understand customer preferences and areas for improvement.  

Organizations can learn from TCCL’s example by prioritizing data analysis, seeking external expertise, and implementing recommendations to improve their own operations.